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Cramer Endorsed by Leading Right to Life Groups

September 11, 2014

North Dakota – Congressman Kevin Cramer was endorsed for re-election to a second term in the U.S. House of Representatives by the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and North Dakota Right to Life (NDRL).

In their letters, each group cited Kevin’s consistent support for the protection of life, especially society’s most vulnerable persons.

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August 25, 2014

Congressman Kevin Cramer received support from the bipartisan group Center Forward for his efforts to put the economy and job  creation before party politics. As part of the support from the group, Center Forward has placed an advertisement promoting Cramer’s work during the federal government shutdown to produce a budget deal that eliminated tax hikes and strengthened America’s military.

Cramer appreciated the support, saying “I have been quite active with Center Forward, but was surprised by the ad. I didn’t know they did this sort of thing. I have reached across the aisle to work with my Democratic friends to solve our economic and fiscal challenges by finding common ground. Both Republicans and Democrats need to push our leadership toward finding solutions for our nation’s struggling economy and budget challenges. It’s nice to have the support of Center Forward.”

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Fact-Check: George Sinner Plays Politics With The Important Duties Of North Dakota’s Lone House Seat

July 23, 2014

Yesterday, George Sinner showed how disconnected he is from the duties owed to the people of North Dakota. Sinner has shown that he is more concerned with the act of voting  in Washington than producing results.

THE REAL TRUTH: When the North Dakota Legislature went into the final hours, George Sinner skipped town on vacation and missed votes on some of the state’s most important issues. If every legislator quit one day early and went on vacation like George Sinner, North Dakota’s K-12 schools, colleges, and universities would have been left without funding for two years and thousands of homeowners would have lost out on $850 million in property tax reductions.

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My first TV ad of the campaign is on the air. Like 2012 my ads are positive, dynamic and substantive. https://t.co/BTK6fgj5jj
On the turf with NDSU & Abel. http://t.co/LR4jIACwi1
Who needs Republican communications experts when the liberals do it for you. Thanks @edshow http://t.co/yrpUNFKBuB
The average NoDakotan working for a small business (50-99) will lose $1488.19 annually due to Obamacare. http://t.co/Z4MOOsvMZw
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