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A rocket ship economy: Cramer supports a pro-growth agenda

Sep 26 2018

Kevin Cramer

President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act reduced the tax rates for most North Dakotans and the results have been astounding. We are realizing benefits right now and there’s plenty of evidence. 

To keep this economy soaring, let’s put Kevin in the Senate where he can continue to support economic growth for North Dakota and our nation. 
The Kevin Cramer for Senate campaign launched a new television and digital ad touting his record of success on jobs and his commitment North Dakota and the nation.

“When I went to Washington, one of my biggest goals was to make America a place where businesses could thrive and create good paying jobs. Opportunity is what makes our country great,” Cramer says in the ad while highlighting our recent economic success. “Our national economy is booming, it’s a rocket ship!”
A “rocket ship” economy?  Don’t take our word for it.  Look at this from CNN, CNBC, and Business Insider… 
Consumer confidence rose in September, notching its highest level in about 18 years. The Conference Board also said optimism about the short-term outlook improved considerably this month, with 27.6 percent of consumers expecting business conditions to improve over the next six months; that's up from 24.4 percent in August.
Source: “Consumer confidence hits 138.4 in September, vs. 132 estimate,” CNBC, 9/25/18
“It keeps getting better and better and better,” CNN’s Poppy Harlow says after another great jobs report under the Trump administration, later prompting CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans to note that unemployment is at a “generational low.”
Source: “Economy Keeps Getting Better & Better & Better,” Unemployment at “Generational Low,”  CNN   9/7/18

U.S. economic growth was a bit stronger than initially thought in the second quarter, notching its best performance in nearly four years, as businesses boosted spending on software and imports declined. Gross domestic product increased at a 4.2 percent annualized rate, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday in its second estimate of GDP growth for the April-June quarter. That was slightly up from the 4.1 percent pace of expansion it reported in July and was the fastest growth rate since the third quarter of 2014.
Source: “U.S. economy logs best performance in nearly four years,” CNBC, 8/29/18
Long-awaited wage growth posted its biggest increase of the economic recovery in August while payroll gains beat expectations and the unemployment rate held near a generational low of 3.9 percent, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report Friday.
Source: "Economy Adds More Jobs Than Expected In August, And Wage Growth Hits Post-Recession High," CNBC , 9/7/18
U.S. employers added more jobs than forecast in August, and wages increased at their fastest pace since the Great Recession, a government report showed on Friday.
Source: "Jobs Report Beats As Wage Growth Soars At Its Fastest Pace Since The Great Recession," Business Insider, 9/7/18

More positive economic news:
  • The 201,000 jobs added in August continues a trend of strong job growth under President Trump.
  • Wages grew faster than they have in almost a decade in August.
  • The unemployment rate remains historically low, even for groups traditionally plagued by high unemployment.
See:  Trump’s Economy Keeps Getting Better & Better & Better

Reducing federal regulation also makes the economy soar and Kevin Cramer continues to enthusiastically push for rollback of onerous federal regulations that duplicate existing state actions, create roadblocks, and generate mountains of red tape. Kevin believes the government should never stand in the way of small business owners, taxpayers or the middle class, but rather generate policies to help them prosper. 

For more information on how regulatory rollback has helped promote a pro-growth agenda, see “How Trump Regulatory Rollback Boosts Small Businesses,” Investors Business Daily, 4/03/18.

Here is an excerpt from the article:  
Thank you so much for your continued support of Kevin’s campaign. The future of our nation lies in the balance and we ask you and your friends to join the Cramer Crew to help build and maintain strong borders and improve national security while fostering a pro-growth business climate that puts people back to work. There is a new sense of optimism in America as our economy soars. To keep it going, we will need your help. America is worth it!  Sign up here to join the Cramer Crew!

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