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Cramer Campaign Launches New Ad with His Family: Rachel and Annie

Oct 22 2018
Bismarck, ND – Cramer for Senate launched a new television ad Monday that features Kevin Cramer's daughters Rachel and Annie, highlighting his love for North Dakota, his grandchildren and the values he instilled in them growing up.
"He set a great example when we were growing up,” said Rachel and Annie in the ad. “To thank God for our blessings, and to make family a priority, to listen to each other, to work hard and help others. And that didn't change when he went to Washington.”
With a lighthearted moment from the Cramer's grandson Chet, and a summer basketball game unfolding in the background, the ad is a testament to the paramount status of family in the Cramer household.

For more information, contact:
Tim Rasmussen, Communications Director
Cramer for US Senate
(701) 415-0050 Ext. 405

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